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From a small shuttle bay to a full scale star carrier, the hangar set lets you create modular internal docking bays. With crawlspace access, airlock doorways, and both full walls and half walls, you can create a hangar scene for practical play or a full diorama.

  • Includes full walls and half walls
  • Modular hangar door, can be assembled horizontal or vertical
  • Contains almost 60 pieces
2nd Dynasty - Hangar

Starship is a system of science fiction themed 3D printable tiles for creating detailed, modular spaceship deck plans for tabletop roleplaying and war gaming.

Starship tiles are produced by 2nd Dynasty using the OpenLOCK connector system, which is fully compatible with InfinityLock. The tiles are scaled for 28 mm miniatures, but can easily be rescaled for a variety of scales.

We recommend printing at 150 microns (0.15 mm) layer thickness for most larger parts, and 100 microns (0.1 mm) for detail pieces such as control panels. All models are optimised for printing with as few supports as necessary, and have been oriented for optimal printing. Base tiles have built in supports that require removal after printing to fit the clips.

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