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Traps & Hazards - 4

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Traps & Hazards 4 has some of the more esoteric and classic dangers.

  • spinning blade pillars that you can stack to any size 
  • a narrow pit insert with a bottomless pit perspective 
  • 2x falling destroyers to crush and pulverize
  • spears for any slotted doorway that can be displayed as coming out of the floor or from the ceiling
  • a raising ramp to dump adventurers into that hazard they thought they avoided 
  • two types of bridges that fit over a rotating spiked pit 
  • a special notched door that holds at multiple levels that can be used as a timer for adventurers to escape or levels of a puzzle to unlock
  • 4x flooding water spouts to fill a room (2x metal and 2x stone drains)
  • a flame and poison spout that attach to the new slotted wall types 
  • a little slime or ooze creature to harass adventurers and dissolve their gear 
  • a lever that can be placed anywhere. place multiples of them to create a binary combination puzzle 
  • 3x liquid templates to mark pools of acid, tar, oil, slime... blood?
Traps & Hazards - 4
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