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Lair Of The Wight Wyrm Starter

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Lair Of The Wight Wyrm Starter

Monstrous burrow mounds have been showing up around the countryside. Rangers identified the tunnels as being made by purple worms, but these tunnels twist and turn in illogical ways. Something is driving these worms into a burrowing frenzy, but the outlying villages and travelers in the area have not been attacked. Folklore and fairytales speak of a slithering evil that was a towering draconic nightmare of unspeakable horror. Rivaling armies united under the banner of The Sun to defeat this vile beast. Binding it in ethereal shackles, it was cast deep down into the earth and sealed in myth.

  • This is a digital product for use with 3D printers and is provided via direct download from 
  • This is NOT a physical product

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